Arts Coffee Morning 2014

Posted February 25, 2014 by WI Staff in Event Reports

The Cuthbertson Room in Federation House was resplendent with the entries for the Arts Competition on   display, when the annual Arts  Sub-Committee Coffee Morning took place on Friday 14th February 2014.  

 This annual event showcases the artistic talent of all WI members and encourages participation from both the  experienced and the novices alike.

 The miserable weather had little effect on the members of WI as the Coffee Morning, with delicious food provided by the Arts Sub-Committee, always attracts a significant number of entrants and supporters including the Federation Chairman, Vice-Chairman and the Federation Treasurer.                                                                                                                                   (Federation Chairman & Anne Black, the ‘Best Overall’ winner)


This year we had an attendance in excess of one hundred.There were twelve classes to judge, and we were very fortunate to obtain the services of Mrs Edna Murray who judged the paintings and Mrs Valerie Walker who judged the decoupage, calligraphy and handwriting entries. Mrs Walker provided written comments on all the entries, giving useful information and tips on what is desired when judging a competition of this nature, while Mrs Murray provided written comments on the work of all winning and placed entries.   Both ladies clearly enjoyed the judging process and had been impressed by the standard and numbers of entrants they were asked to judge.  

Winners and other placings:


BEST OVERALL   Jean Hughes Cup –       Anne Black                          Levaghery WI


Class 1  ACRYLICS – Mabel Johnston Salver (14 entries)


1st  place                                                           Anne Black                            Levaghery WI

2nd place                                                           Isobel Whittle                     Dungannon WI

3rd place                                                Amy McMurray                    Richhill WI

Class 2  ANY OTHER MEDIUM – Moorcroft Salver (6 entries)


1st place                                                              Karen Shaw                        Ballycarry WI

2nd place                                                             Gloria Hassall                    Armoy WI

3rd place                                                              Margaret Jordan              Drumbeg WI


Class 3  OILS – OPEN – Phyllis Ennis Cup  (8 entries)


1st place                                                              Maureen Adams              Cullybackey WI

2nd place                                                             Janne Patton                    Armoy WI

3rd place                                                              Betty Lindsay                   Gracehill & Galgorm WI


Class 4  OILS – NOVICE – Lorna Walker Salver  (9 entries)


1st place                                                              Joyce Allen                         Macosquin WI

2nd place                                                             Mary Cruikshank              Cullybackey WI

3rd place                                                              Evelyn Hart                         Saintfield WI


Class 5   WATERCOLOUR – OPEN –Logan Salver  (14 entries)


1st place                                                                 Anna Kelly                             Spa WI                 

2nd place                                                               Isabel Whittle                      Dungannon WI

3rd place                                                                Vivienne Wright                 Macosquin WI

Highly commended                                          Deirdre Cochrane               Ballyblack WI

Highly commended                                           Reta Gilmore                       Cladymilltown WI         


Class 6   WATERCOLOUR – NOVICE-Joy Swann Salver  (19 entries)


1st place                                                                Carol Millar                            Loughgall WI

2nd place                                                              Debbie Smith                      Crossgar WI

3rd place                                                               Elizabeth Gowdy                Newtownbreda WI

Highly commended                                          Barbara Morrison              Gracehill & Galgorm WI

Highly commended                                          Jacqui Crabbe                     Islandmagee North WI


Class 7   3D DECOUPAGE – OPEN-Harbinson Trophy  (5 entries)


1st place                                                              Betty Holmes                     Garvagh WI

2nd place                                                           Doreen Patton                    Mosside WI

3rd place                                                             Margaret Eynon               Crossgar WI


Class 8   3D DECOUPAGE – NOVICE-Gosford Trophy  (10 entries)


1st place                                                              Jill Smith                               Garvagh WI

2nd place                                                             Jacqui Whann                     Garvagh WI

3rd place                                                              Doreen Patton                    Mosside WI

Highly commended                                         Margaret Eynon                 Crossgar WI


Class 9   CALLIGRAPHY – OPEN-Pringle Cup  (6 entries)


1st place                                                              Barbara McGibben             Upper Finaghy WI

2nd place                                                             Helen Palmer                      Newtownbreda WI

3rd place                                                              Margaret Stokes                 Carrickfergus WI


Class 10   CALLIGRAPHY – NOVICE – Jacqui Brachi Shield  (6 entries)


1st place                                                              Maureen Dunwoody        Gleno WI

2nd place                                                             Helen Jamieson                 Portstewart WI

3rd place                                                              Marie Harvey                      Broughshane WI


Class 11   GOOD HANDWRITING – OPEN –Stedfast Salver (25 entries)


1st place                                                              Eileen White                      Mosside WI

2nd place                                                             Sally McBurney                 Broughshane WI

3rd place                                                              Eleanor Johnston             Ballyblack WI


Class 12   GOODHANDWRITING – NOVICE – Newtownbreda Trophy  (49 entries)

1st place                                                              Sally McBurney                 Broughshane WI

2nd place                                                            Etta Beattie                        Carrickfergus WI

3rd place                                                              Eileen White                      Mosside WI



               The Chairman presented the prizes and congratulated all concerned. She was particularly pleased with the level of support the coffee morning had received, which was on a par with 2013.





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