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Posted February 18, 2020 by WI Staff in Event Reports

The Women’s Institutes of Northern Ireland held their annual Arts Competition and Coffee Morning on 14th February 2020 in Federation House, Belfast, hosted by members of the Arts Sub-Committee.  There was a wonderful display of paintings, 3D decoupage, calligraphy, and good handwriting from the talented competitors of the many Institutes throughout the province.   A week before the event, two adjudicators came to Federation House to judge the various classes and choose the winners.  They said they had a difficult job, because the standard of style, detail and meticulous presentation was amazing.

The morning started off with tea/coffee, scones, pancakes, fruit loaf and tray-bakes, provided by the Arts Sub-Committee members.  After lots of chat, banter and renewing friendships, everyone gathered in the boardroom for the prize-giving.

Federation Chairman, Collette Craig, M.B.E. presented the trophies and congratulated everyone who had taken part in the competitions, and also extended congratulations to Arts Sub-Committee Chairman Lesley Dowds and her Committee for providing the refreshments.  Finally, there was a ballot with lots of prizes, to conclude an enjoyable morning.


The trophies were presented to the following 1st place winners:

-Jean Hughes Trophy (Best Overall Painting) – Iris Causey, Desertcreat WI

-Mabel Johnston Salver (Acrylics Open) – Helen Galway, Ballysallagh WI

-Jean Blair Trophy (Acrylics Novice) – Jean Gregg, Dollingstown WI

-Moorcroft Salver (Any Other Medium) – Deborah Smyth, Crossgar WI

-Phyllis Ennis Cup (Oils Open) – Iris Causey, Desertcreat WI

-Lorna Walker Salver (Oils Novice) – Jill Jackson, Tartaraghan WI

-Logan Salver (Watercolour Open) – Deborah Smyth, Crossgar WI

-Joy Swann Salver (Watercolour Novice) – Renee McCormick, Hillsborough WI

-Harbinson Trophy (3D Decoupage Open) – Evelyn McQuillan, Moneymore WI

-Gosford Trophy (3d Decoupage Novice) – Doreen Patton, Mosside WI

-Pringle Cup (Calligraphy Open) – Mary O’Hara, Aghanloo WI

-Jacqui Brachi Shield (Calligraphy Novice) – Eileen Evans, Donaghadee WI

-Stedfast Salver (Good Handwriting Open) – Eileen White, Mosside WI

-Newtownbreda Trophy (Good Handwriting Novice) – Evelyne Robinson, Ballymoney WI


Other placings were as follows:


-Acrylics Open: 2nd – Eva McClements, Macosquin WI  /  Highly Commended – Margaret Johnston, Annahilt WI

-Acrylics Novice: 2nd – Pay Hey, Kesh WI  /  Highly Commended – Maureen Lindsay, Drumbeg WI

-Any Other Medium: 2nd – Doreen Smyth, Artana WI  /  Highly Commended – Mary Knox, Brougshane WI

-Oils Open: 2nd – Margaret Gill, Newtownbreda WI  /  Highly Commended – Janne Patton, Armoy WI

-Oils Novice: 2nd – Elizabeth Cleland, Crossgar WI  /  Highly Commended – Ena Symington, Gilnahirk WI

-Watercolour Open: 2nd – Vivienne Wright, Macosquin WI  /  Highly Commended – Jean Wilson, Millbrook WI

-Watercolour Novice: 2nd – Kate Kennedy, Cullybackey WI  /  Highly Commended – Elizabeth Cleland, Crossgar WI


3D Decoupage

-Novice: 2nd – Barbara McGibben, Upper Finaghy WI



-Open: 2nd – Eileen White, Mosside WI  /  3rd – Olivia Nutt, Eglinton WI  /  Highly Commended – Barbara McGibben, Upper Finaghy WI

-Novice: 2nd – Joy McQuade, Ballywalter WI  /  3rd – Anne Galway, Ballysallagh WI


Good Handwriting

-Open: 2nd – Olivia Nutt, Eglinton WI  /  3rd – Eleanor Johnston, Ballyblack WI  /  Highly Commended – Evelyn McQuillan, Moneymore  / 

Highly Commended – Jacquele Scott, Moneyrea

-Novice: 2nd – Ann Stewart, Moneyrea  /  3rd – Olga Price, Ballysallagh WI  /  Highly Commended – Doreen Smyth, Artana WI  /  Margaret Stokes, Carrickfergus WI  / 

Highly Commended – Jacquele Scott, Moneyrea WI


Pictured at the Arts Coffee Morning – (Front row L-R):  Evelyn McQuillan of Moneymore WI, Arts Sub-Committee Chairman Lesley Dowds, Federation Chairman Collette Craig, Eileen Evans of Donaghadee WI and Doreen Patton of Mosside WI.

(Back row L-R): Helen Galway of Ballysallagh WI, Deborah Smyth of Crossgar WI, Iris Causey of Desertcreat WI, Renee McCormick of Hillsborough WI, Eileen White of Mosside WI, Evelyne Robinson of Ballymoney WI and Jean Gregg of Dollingstown, WI

(Award winners missing from the photo: Jill Jackson of Tartaraghan WI and Mary O’Hara of Aghanloo WI)


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