Drama Festival 2014

Posted April 25, 2014 by WI Staff in Event Reports

On what turned out to be a fresh Spring morning all roads led to First Cookstown Presbyterian Church Hall for the Arts Sub-Committee’s annual Drama Festival.  Arts Chairman Ethel Simpson welcomed a great audience and she hoped they would enjoy their day of entertainment. There were two hilarious sketches performed by the Kells & Connor and Newtownbutler Institutes. This really demonstrated what talent there is, even in small Institutes. A Lesson Learned by Kells & Connor took an unexpected turn, while The Honeymoon by Newtownbutler reflected a farmer’s laid back attitude. This was followed by three brilliant plays which enthralled the audience. The play Wilfred Slept Here by Armoy WI was quite different. Muckamore’s Patients Dilemma was so appropriate to the NHS today. Desertcreat’s Butterscotch Sponge left the audience guessing to the end. The adjudicator Linda Armstrong, assisted by Wendy McCrea, had a very difficult task judging all the talent as it was all top class. She complimented all the artists on the work they had put into their rehearsals which reflected in their performances. After a very enjoyable day of much laughter and enjoyment Federation Chairman Margaret Collinson OBE presented the trophies and Certificates of Merit to all the worthy winners. In a Vote of Thanks Janet Kells thanked the minister, session and the ladies of the Church for permitting the use of the halls and providing the coffee, scones and lunch. She above all thanked the competitors for providing such varied entertainment and for all the members who supported them.  Arts Chairman Ethel thanked everyone for coming and after a rendition of A Countrywoman’s Song she wished everyone a safe journey home.

Award winners were as follows:

Ulster Cup – Armoy WI

Meg Adams Memorial Trophy – Muckamore WI

North West Drama Trophy – Claire Coyle, Desertcreat WI

Robert Smyth Trophy – Muckamore WI

Nan Whyte Trophy – Nuala Doran, Armoy WI

Grace Cup – Bernie Maguire, Newtownbuter WI

Unetta Burrell Cup – Bernie Maguire, Newtownbutler WI

May Mitchell Trophy – Marie Mewha, Kells & Conner WI

Cuthbertson Cup – Carol McVitty, Desertcreat WI

Nancy Orr Trophy – Newtownbutler WI

Dorothy Robb Salver – Jean Kavanagh, Newtownbutler WI

Ivy Pentland Cup – Elizabeth Gray, Muckamore WI

Christina McKeown Memorial Cup – Muckamore WI

Certificates of Merit were allocated as follows:

Sketches: Stella Talbot, Newtownbutler WI; Rosemary McAllister, Eleanor Worthington and Marie Mewha, all Kells & Connor WI

Plays: Marlene Walsh, Armoy WI; Ruth WIlson, Linda Brown, both Muckamore WI; Lila Swaile and Dawn Fleming, both Desertcreat WI

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    Pauline Brown

    I am a member of Cawston Womens Institute(covered by the Norfolk Federation of Womens Institutes) and we have to do a couple (or one) funny sketches for our Christmas meeting. We are very amateur bunch of about 5/6 ladies. Is there any possibility you could let me have a copy of one or two of the funny sketches above for us to look at?

    If not any ideas please?

    Many thanks, Pauline Brown

    This message is for Stella Talbot,Newtownbutler W.I. or Rosemary McAllister, Eleanor Worthington, and Marie Mewha of Kells and Connor W.I.

    Thank you for your time.

    Sent on 14th October, 2014.

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