Drama Festival 2015

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The annual WI Drama Festival took place in Carrickfergus on 18th April 2015. Even though there were fewer entries this year, it still proved to be a great day of entertainment. There were two sketches- ‘Never Say Never’ from Kells & Connor WI and ‘A Bit Of A Pickle’ from Armoy WI.  There was just one play, ‘Home From Home’ by Muckamore WI. Each sketch and play had been written and produced by a WI member. The adjudicator was Mr Arthur Webb and he commented that it was quality not quantity that mattered- and we certainly had plenty of quality!


The winners were as follows:


-Nancy Orr Trophy – Overall Best Sketch Suitable For Area Or Institute Entertainment – Armoy WI


-Dorothy Robb Salver – Best Producer Of A Sketch – Beverley Simpson, Armoy WI


-Grace Cup – Best Actress In A Sketch – Nancy Orr, Armoy WI


-Unetta Burrel Cup – Best Costume In A Sketch – Rosemary Gamble, Armoy WI


-May Mitchell Cup – Best Sketch Written By A WI Member – Marie Mewhaw, Kells & Connor WI


-Ulster Cup – First Overall Play‘Home From Home’ by Muckamore WI


-Robert Smyth Trophy – Best Producer Of A Play – Elizabeth Gray, Muckamore WI


-Nan Whyte Trophy – Best Overall Actress – Ruth Wilson, Muckamore WI


-Cuthbertson Rose Bowl – Best Costume In A Play – Jean McCollam, Muckamore WI


-Christina McKeown Memorial Cup – Best Play Written By A WI Member – Elizabeth Gray, Muckamore WI


-North West Drama Trophy – Best Moment Of Theatre – Kells & Connor WI


-Ivy Pentland Cup – Best Supporting Actress In A Play/Sketch – Lynne Francey, Kells & Connor WI




The Muckamore WI cast with their trophies:

Iris Maughan, Joan Gray, Adjudicator Arthur Webb, Ruth Wilson, Lynda Brown, Jean McCollam, Elizabeth Gray, Federation Chairman Margaret Collinson, Arts Sub-Committee Chairman Ethel Simpson and Margaret Dean.





The talented Kells & Connor ladies:

Eleanor Worthington, Rosemary McAllister, Jill Crockard, Sharon Graham, Lynne Francey, Arts Sub-Committee Chairman Ethel Simpson, Adjudicator Arthur Webb, Marie Mewha and Federation Chairman Margaret Collinson.





The Armoy WI award winners:

Angela McClure, Anne Patton, Gloria Hassal, Rosemary Gamble, Katy McCurdy, Inez Richmond, Arts Sub-Committee Ethel Simpson, Beverley Simpson, Mr Arthur Webb, Nancy Orr and Federation Chairman Margaret Collinson.






WI stars of the stage!


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