WI Homeskills & Handcrafts Competitions – Balmoral Show 2016

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Congratulations to the talented winners of the Homeskills and Handcrafts Competitions at Balmoral Show! The Home & Garden Sub-Committee and the Homecraft Sub-Committee were delighted with this year’s entries in the Floral Art, Cookery and Craft classes. The entries in the Children’s class were also very creative and encouraging.  Not only do the competition entries showcase the great wealth of talent in our organisation, but they also decorate our WI marquee, adorning it with colour and drawing admiration from members of the public. We are indebted to all who support the competitions each year, the entries are always of a very high standard.


The winners were placed as follows:


Floral Art

Class 1 – Arrangement Incorporating a Farming Toy (width not exceeding 50cm)

1st – Marie Cairns, Glenanne WI

2nd – Hazel Campbell, Crumlin WI

3rd – B. Bassett, Ardglass WI


Class 2 – Miniature Arrangement in a Thimble

1st – B. Bassett, Ardglass WI

2nd – Marie Cairns, Glenanne WI

3rd – Elizabeth Connor, Garvagh WI


Class 3 – Arrangement in a Mug (width not exceeding 30cm)

1st – Dorothy Arnold, Richhill WI

2nd – Marie Cairns, Glenanne WI

3rd – Hazel Campbell, Crumlin WI


Class 4 – Table Centre (width not exceeding 30cm)

1st – Christina Wilson, Crumlin WI

2nd – Marie Cairns, Glenanne WI

3rd – Elizabeth Connor, Garvagh WI


Class 5 – Flowering Plant in a Pot (pot not exceeding 15cm)

1st – Betty Holmes, Garvagh WI

2nd – Edwina Marr, Downpatrick WI

3rd – Elizabeth Bridgham, Straid WI


Class 6 – Foliage Plant in a Pot (pot not exceeding 15cm)

1st – Edwina Marr, Downpatrick WI

2nd – Betty Holmes, Garvagh WI

3rd – Elizabeth Bridgham, Straid WI



Other prestigious Floral Art awards presented were:


‘Best In Show Floral Art’ (Home & Garden Perpetual Trophy) – Marie Cairns, Glenanne WI


‘Institute Gaining The Most Overall Points In Floral Art Competitions’ (Home & Garden Shield) – Downpatrick WI




Class 1 – Lemon Drizzle Cake (baked in a 1lb tin)

1st – Emma Winter-McConnell, Hillsborough WI

2nd – Ann Harnett, Waringstown WI

3rd – Barbara Craig, Upper Finaghy WI


Class 2 – 4 Pieces of Potato Bread

1st – Angela Martin, Ballywalter WI

2nd – Jean Skuce, Maghaberry WI

3rd – Ellen McKee, Crossgar WI


Class 3 – Decorated Half Chocolate Sandwich Cake (butter cream)

1st – Joan Busby, Moneyrea WI

2nd – Ellen McKee, Crossgar WI

3rd – Jennifer Busby, Moneyrea WI


Class 4 – 4 Flakemeal Biscuits

1st – Lily Gabbie, Crossgar WI

2nd – Geraldine Gray, Downpatrick WI

3rd – Joan Busby, Moneyrea WI

High Commended


Class 5 – Jar of Raspberry Jam (340grams)

1st – Helen Dunlop, Maze Brookfield WI

2nd – Anne Rickard, Downpatrick WI

3rd – Margaret McCullough, Portrush WI


Class 6 – Jar of Caramelised Onion Chutney (340grams)

1st – Geraldine Gray, Downpatrick WI

2nd – Ethna Douglas, Crossgar WI

3rd – Ann M. Skelly, Downpatrick WI




Class 1 – Crochet Scarf

1st – Jennifer Skelly, Moneyrea WI

2nd – Ann Eccleston, Jerretspass WI

3rd – Barbara McGibben, Upper FInaghy WI


Class 2 – Rag Doll (max size 38cm)

1st – Patricia Bell, Ballywalter WI

2nd – Jacqueline Scott, Moneyreagh WI

3rd – Noreen Smyth, Rathfriland WI


Class 3 – Cushion Cover in Hand Sewn Patchwork with Three Shapes (max size 40cm)

1st – Beth McNally, Saintfield WI

2nd – Rosemary Harbinson, Rathfriland WI

3rd – Joan Agnew, Saintfield WI


Class 4 – Child’s Knitted Cardigan (entry for members of the public)

1st – Clara Ferguson

2nd – Emily Magee

3rd – Lilian Johnston


Children’s Section


Age: 8 years & under

Class 1 – Animal made from Fruit and/or Vegetables

1st – Jane Birch

2nd – Morgan Ayres

3rd – Issac Dunlop


Class 2 – 1 Decorated Gingerbread Man

1stTara McKibben

2nd – Jane Birch

3rd – Daisy Gregg


Class 3 – Greetings Card (any medium)

1st – Claire Suffern

2nd – Daisy Gregg

3rd – Casey Bell


Age: 9 years – 12 years

Class 1 – Animal made from Fruit and/or Vegetables

1st – Erika Ayres

2nd – Ben Watson

3rd – Penny Smith


Class 2 – 1 Decorated Gingerbread Man

1st – Katie Gregg

2nd – Carrie Bell

3rd – Lena Mason


Class 3 – Greetings Card (any medium)

1st – Hilary Walsh

2nd – Katie Gregg

3rd – Ben Watson


Congratulations to all of the winners and well done to everyone who took the time and effort to enter the competitions!  Your continued support is greatly appreciated, thank you all very much!





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