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Ballycarry W.I.

Meetings on 2nd Monday in Ballycarry Presby. Church Hall at 7.45 p.m.

Sept. – AGM. Comp.-a fountain pen

Oct. – ‘Jewellery to Go’. Comp. – an international stamp (judged by pennies for friendship)

Nov. – ‘Christmas is a Comin’, Inver Gdn. Nursery. Comp. – Homemade candle arrangement

Dec. – ‘Christmas at Home’. Comp.- Christmas headgear, bring a wrapped gift (approx.£1)


Jan. – ‘A funny thing happened….’ – Comp. – a calendar.

Feb.12th – ’70th Anniversary Dinner’ in Carrickfergus Golf Club

March – ‘Holiday Destinations’. Comp. – a holiday souvenir

April – ‘Serendipity workshop’. Comp. – a piece of old jewellery

May – Members Night!

June – Charity Speaker & Bring and Buy stall. Comp. – a bird ornament

Sept. – A.G.M. Comp. – a holiday postcard

Oct. – ‘Healthy Eating’, Nutritional therapist. Comp.- Granny’s health remedy

Nov. – ‘Second Bloom’. Comp.- a photograph of ‘fashions we wore!’


Ballynure W.I.

Meetings on 1st Wednesday in Ballynure Methodist Church Hall at 7.45 p.m.


Jan. – ‘Relax’. Comp. – an old compact

Feb. – ‘Tweet Tweet!’ Comp. – a bird ornament

March – ‘Crafty Capers’ Comp. – a fancy button

April – 37th Anniversary Dinner

May – ‘Community Capers’. Comp. – best buy for £1

June – Outing

Summer Break

Sept. – ‘Charity Night’-Little Hearts Matter. Comp. – a heart

Oct. – A.G.M. Craft Cup – a hand made brooch, Dunluce Vase – an arrangement in a teacup

Nov. – ‘Bags and Baggage’. Comp. – a nice wee bag

Dec. – ‘A Grand Night Out’.  Comp. – ‘Christmas Earrings’.


Cairncastle W.I.

Meetings on 2nd Monday in The Playgroup Hall, Cairncastle Rd., Ballygally at 8p.m.

Sept. – A.G.M.- Tracey McIlwaine.  Comp. – a cake and recipe

Rosemary Carson Trophy – hand knitted socks.

Oct. – ‘Dromona Road Show’.  Comp. – an unusual butter dish

Nov. – ‘Shek’ – Liam Wilson.  Comp. – a ‘fascinating’ fascinator

Dec. – ‘Christmas Party Time!’  Comp. – a Christmas table centre


Glenarm W.I.

Meetings on 2nd Monday in Glenarm Baptist Church hall at 8 p.m.


Jan. – Rev. Helen MacArthur

Feb. -‘Home Crafts’.

Mar. – ‘Spring Flowers’.

Apr. – ‘Handbags’.

May – ‘Sainsbury’s’.


Sept. – AGM.

Oct. – ‘Guide Dogs for the Deaf’.

Nov. – ‘Upholstery’.

Dec. – ‘Christmas Party’.


Gleno W.I.

Meetings on 3rd Thursday ,unless otherwise stated, in Gleno Y.F.C. Hall at 8p.m.


4th Dec. – Christmas Dinner in Halfway House, Ballygally at 7.30pm.


15th Jan. – ‘New Year-New Body’. Comp. – a Healthy Recipe

19th Feb. – ‘Send a Cow-Charity talk’. Comp. -a cow ornament

19th March – ‘Second Bloom’. Comp. – an unusual handbag

16th April – ‘Boogie Nights’. Comp. – a fancy shoe

21st May – ‘Games Night’ Comp. – a bad hair day photograph

Cranberry Jug Competition – 4 shortbread

Sat.30th May – Charity Coffee Morning, 10am-12 noon

6th June – outing, to be arranged.

Summer Break

17th Sept. – A.G.M. Comp. – a holiday souvenir

15th Oct. – ‘Shamar Gift Wear’. Comp. – largest apple

19th Nov. – ‘Crosskennan Crafts’. Comp. – prettiest wrapped present


Islandmagee North W.I.

Meetings on 3rd Tuesday in 2nd Presby. Church Hall at 7.45 p.m.

Sept. – A.G.M.

Oct. – ‘Beauty 2000’.  Comp. – a beauty tip

Nov. – ‘Sails up & away’.  Comp. – a nautical ornament

Dec. – ‘Christmas Party’. Comp. – decorated shortbread


Jan. – Quiz/Auction. Comp. – the smallest bottle

Feb. – Annual Dinner. Comp. – a pretty hankie

March – ‘Irish fancy dress’. Comp. – total age of committee?!

April – Members Night. Comp. – T.B.A.

May – ‘Sinead and Kim’. Comp. – a pretty purse

June – Trip

Summer Break

Sept. – A.G.M.

Oct. – P.S.N.I.

Nov. – Leonora Rafferty


Larne W.I.

Meetings on 1st Monday in 1st Larne Presby. Church Hall at 7.45 p.m.


Jan.6th -‘Woman’s work is never done’, Quiz.  Comp.- an apron

Feb.3rd – ‘Sugar Craft’. Comp.- a cupcake, edible or not.

March 12th – ‘Annual Dinner’. Comp. – a glitzy item

April 7th – ‘Belonging Creations’. Comp. – a cute baby photograph

May 5th – ‘Member’s Night’. Comp. – T.B.A.

June 2nd – ‘Motor Neurone Disease’. Comp. – a pair of sunglasses, Briggs Trophy

June  –  Annual Outing

Summer break

Sept.1st – A.G.M. Comp.- an ugly mug

Oct. 6th – ‘Happiness through Horticulture’. Comp.- a plant

Nov.3rd – ‘The fashion clinic’. Comp. – glamorous headgear

Dec. 1st – ‘Something to smile about and something to think about’.

Comp. an hilarious plaque


Magheramorne W.I.

Meetings on 2nd Wednesday in Magheramorne Presby. Church Hall at 8 p.m.


Millbrook W.I.

Meetings on 3rd Monday in Millbrook Community Centre at 8 p.m


Sept. – A.G.M.

Oct. – Cookery Master Class!!     Comp. a novelty wooden spoon

Nov. – ‘Ulsterbus Tours’.   Comp. a far away postcard

Dec. – ‘Christmas Crackers!’    Comp. – a Christmas tea towel


Jan. 20th – Annual Dinner

Feb. 17th – ‘Ulster Scots’. Comp. something Scottish

March 17th – Members’ Night.  Comp. Is it Paddy’s?

April 14th – ‘Order! Order!’  Comp. something from London

May 19th – ‘Captain Sue’.  Comp. a tin money box

June – ‘Summer Outing – T.B.C.’

Summer Break

Sept.15th – A.G.M.

Oct.20th – ‘Games Night’. Comp. – an unusual brooch

Nov.17th – ‘A night at the Movies’. Comp. -the smallest torch

Dec. 8th – ‘Festive Fun’. Comp.- a handmade Christmas cracker


Whitehead W.I.

Meetings on 2nd Thursday in Whitehead Community Centre, Balmoral Ave. at 7.45 p.m.


Sept. –  Mr. B Luney, Whitehead Community Association

Oct. – Mr. D Hilditch, Cancer Charity Shops

Nov. – Ms A McAllister, Sytemic Kinesiology (drug free health care)

Dec. – Christmas Party with Father Christmas!


Jan. – Mr. L  Spearman, ‘Unsolved Mysteries’.

Feb. – Anniversary Dinner.

March – Members Night

April – Dromona Butter Rep., ‘Hospitality Evening’.

May – Fund Raising Event, suggestions welcome!!

June – A.G.M.





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