Killinchy Women’s Institute – Programme 2017

Posted January 21, 2017 by Quoile in Local Areas

Tuesday 3rd January: Annual Quiz & Beetle Drive

Competition: The Best Beetle


Tuesday 7th February: Pancakes by Jennifer & Andrea

Competition: A sugar Bowl


Tuesday 7th March: A talk by Inde Fude

(Independent Food Company)

Competition: A cheese knife


Tuesday 4th April: Flowers by Claire

Competition: A Pretty Vase


Tuesday 2nd May: A talk by Betty Lyttle on A.C.W.W.

(Visitors night)

Competition : A money box


Wednesday 24th May: Cinema Night at

The Tudor Cinema


Saturday 3rd June: Annual outing

A Mystery Tour


Tuesday 5th September: Annual General Meeting

Competition:       A craft item

(for the Joan Shanks Craft Plaque)


Tuesday 3rd October: A talk by Glastry Farm

Competition: A Sundae glass


Tuesday 7th November:   Christmas Wreaths

By Pamela & Helen

  • Members are asked to bring a wrapped Christmas gift for Beechvale Nursing Home


Tuesday 5th December: Christmas Outing

( details at a later date)








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