Photographic Competition 2018

Posted October 18, 2018 by WI Staff in Event Reports

Beside the Seaside

The title for the Magazine and Leisure Sub-Committee’s annual Photographic Competition this year was ‘Beside the Seaside’ and entrants were tasked with capturing a striking, original image in keeping with the theme.


There were lots of beautiful photographs submitted for judging, all relating to the title but all very different in composition and colour.

Thank you to everyone who supported the Competition and congratulations to the winners:

1st place – Iris Clyde of Garvagh WI (winner of the prestigious Kathleen Maconaghie Rosebowl)

2nd place – Glynis Armstrong of Desertcreat WI

3rd place – Karen Munnis of Armoy WI

* * * *

1st – Iris Clyde, Garvagh WI.

Iris captured this fabulous silhouette-style photograph at Whitepark Bay and was judged to be the overall winner of the Competition. Iris will be awarded the Kathleen Maconaghie Rosebowl at the Autumn Council Meeting in October.

Judge’s Critique:

This powerful image shows an energetic figure jumping enthusiastically through the air as the sun sets over the sea at Whitepark Bay. There is a real warmth to this photograph, created by the vast array of tones on display.  The eye of the viewer is drawn across the scene, from the sun glistening on the breaking waves in the distance, to the excitable silhouette-like figure on the right. There is a contrast in feeling between the natural, peaceful evening setting of the bay and the lively young figure springing to life in the air. The large rock in the foreground adds texture and a sense of depth to the composition, while the low light adds a soft, delicate element to the image. A beautiful photograph and a very worthy winner.”


 * * * *

 2nd – Glynis Armstrong, Desertcreat WI.

Glynis was awarded 2nd place for her stunning photograph featuring an intriguing lone gentleman sitting peacefully on a bench gazing across the picturesque seaside scene of Castlerock Beach.

Glynis remarked, “Castlerock, on Sunday 24th June 2018, enfolded in beautiful sunshine. After walking the beach, I noticed this scene and I thought it was so warming. This is how I would like to spend some of my old age!”

Judge’s Critique:

“This photograph shows a gentleman sitting on a bench, gazing out at the vast expanse of the coastline at Castlerock on a beautiful summer’s day.  I was immediately drawn to this scene because of the strong, vibrant colours displayed across the image – particularly the different hues of blue of the sky and sea, which dominate the scene to the horizon in the centre and are in stark contrast to the lone gentleman in red.  The gentleman’s presence on the bench in the foreground helps to create a sense of depth and scale, which draws the viewer through the image across the beach.  A strong composition and an eye-catching photograph.”


 * * * *

3rd – Karen Munnis, Armoy WI.

Karen snapped this photograph entitled ‘Sunset at Whiterocks’ and the beautiful composition earned her 3rd place in the Competition.

Karen commented, “Seaside includes sun, sea and sand.  Seaside is enjoyed by many – dogs, horses, as well as humans. For me, summer means swimming in the sea.”

Judge’s Critique:

This image showcases the muted and subtle tones captured at low light as the sun sets at Whiterocks Beach in County Antrim. The sun rays are beautifully radiating through the clouds and touching the waves as they break onto the shore.  The dark and sparse foreground leads the viewer into the shadowy figures walking in the distance, which are dimly lit by the glow of the setting sun. The tiny, central figure becomes the focal point, tying the foreground to the background and creating a coherent and well-executed composition. A stunning scene.”


 * * * *


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