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Portaferry WI’s 80th Birthday Celebrations Begin!


The Portaferry Institute is the second oldest WI in Northern Ireland and to mark this milestone the Institute was invited by the Tourist Board to set up an exhibition in the local Visitor & Information Centre.  The opening ceremony took place on Friday 18 April 2014.  The exhibition ran for six weeks and during this time visitors from Belfast to Monaghan and many towns and villages in between wrote glowing reports in the visitor’s book.  While at the exhibition with friends the most overheard comment was ‘such talented ladies’ and every visitor was very surprised at the broad range of talents.  On display were examples of flower arranging, painting, card making, calligraphy, jam making, traybakes, lace crochet, patch work quilting, knitting, toy making, bobbin lace, photography, ribbon weaving, beadwork, embroidery, crochet and singing in the choir!  Every past President of the Institute was pictured showing their terms of office.  The Institute’s very own Betty L featured six times, a total of twenty years to date in this position.  As part of the exhibition a video of the choir was also played.  Visitors spent many happy hours perusing the scrapbooks of past years.  The exhibition was a great success and it has encouraged some more local ladies to join Portaferry WI.  This is just the beginning of the Portaferry Institute’s celebrations!

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    Eleanor Brown

    Delighted to come across this on Twitter. I visited this exhibition and, yes, they are all very talented ladies!

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