Photographic Competition 2017

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The title for the Magazine and Leisure Sub-Committee’s annual Photographic Competition this year was ‘Reflections’ and entrants were tasked with capturing a striking, original image in keeping with the theme.


There were lots of beautiful photographs submitted for judging, all relating to the title but all very different in their composition, colour and subject matter.


Thank you to everyone who supported the Competition and congratulations to the winners:


1st place – Mandy Neill of Tartaraghan WI (winner of the prestigious Kathleen Maconaghie Rosebowl)

2nd place – Maureen Lindsay of Drumbeg WI

3rd place – Sheelagh Walsh of Cairncastle WI


* * * *

1st – Mandy Neill, Tartaraghan WI.

Mandy’s impressive photograph of a striking swan was judged to be the overall winner of the Competition. Mandy will be awarded the Kathleen Maconaghie Rosebowl.

Mandy said, “This photograph was taken in April on a lovely, sunny Sunday afternoon. My husband and I had taken a drive to Lough Neagh and this beautiful swan caught my eye. The swan reflects on a calm water and evokes a peaceful feeling.”

Judge’s Critique:

A compelling and well-composed photograph depicting this adult mute swan standing proudly and majestically. The swan’s bright white feathers sit in stark contrast to the dark blue ripples of the lake. The sharpness and clever use of the natural light helps to capture detail and texture across the swan’s plumage, which is subtly replicated in the reflection beneath; this is particularly impressive and makes for a strong, powerful image. The ripples of calm water at the top of the photograph add movement and this draws the viewers eye down towards the reflection as the light dims. A stunning image and worthy winner.”


* * * *

2nd – Maureen Lindsay, Drumbeg WI.

Maureen was awarded 2nd place for her stunning photograph featuring a lone horse reflected in its natural surroundings.

Maureen remarked, “I took this photograph while walking along the Lagan Towpath with my WI walking group. It was a striking scene to behold, with the sun shining on the beautiful horse.”


Judge’s Critique:

“This image shows a horse reflected within the still water of the River Lagan. The low-lying sun and piercing rays of light capture the horse in an almost silhouette pose against the bleached and hazy background which is out of focus – allowing the horse and its reflection to take centre stage. The vegetation in the photograph, particularly in the foreground, helps to create layers and depth to the image, drawing the viewer’s eye up towards the horse as the focal point in the photograph. The colours and tones are subtle and muted which highlights the varying textures across the image, particularly on the river bank. A powerful composition.”


* * * *


3rd – Sheelagh Walsh, Cairncastle WI.

Sheelagh snapped this photograph on her travels and the unusual composition earned her 3rd place in the Competition.

Sheelagh commented, “This photograph was taken in Edinburgh. There was a small pool of water on a ledge reflecting the buildings surrounding it. It wanted to capture this reflection so I focused my camera into the water and this was the result!”

Judge’s Critique:

This photograph depicts the historic buildings of the city of Edinburgh – vast, towering architecture captured within a small puddle of water. It appears to be a relatively bright, sunny day and the amount of sunlight casting itself over the buildings highlights the variety of textures, tones and colours and creates strong shadows between the various structures. The dark foreground is out of focus which draws the eye to the sharpness of the reflection in the puddle and then up to the bright buildings in the background. The photograph itself could feel cluttered but the clever use of framing and light make for a strong, eye-catching composition.”


* * * *


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