WI Members Support ACWW’s ‘Women Walk the World’ Campaign

Posted June 8, 2021 by WI Staff in Event Reports

Women Walking Worldwide In Aid Of ACWW!

The ACWW sponsored walks usually take place worldwide in April each year, however, this year due to the Covid-19 pandemic, walks were postponed until dates around 15th October 2020 onwards (lockdown/regulations permitting).  ACWW offers support, friendship and practical help to improve the lives of women and their families, empowering communities around the world. WI members were proud to get involved in raising money for this very worthy cause – and as Covid regulations relaxed, groups were able to meet up outdoors and walk while social distancing!


Broughshane WI

The Broughshane ladies enjoyed their sponsored walk on a beautiful, sunny autumn morning, along the River Braid paths around the village.



Clogher Valley Area

Well done to Beryl Boyd and Evelyn Armstrong who organised the Clogher Valley Area sponsored walk in aid of ACWW in September 2020!  As Government regulations were more relaxed back then, the ladies were able to gather for a socially distanced stroll in the beautiful setting of Ecclesville Demesne, Fintona.  They split up into 3 groups, led by Evelyn, Beryl and Rowena.  After the walk, everyone enjoyed a tasty meal in Fintona Golf Club, sitting both inside and outside.  Their efforts raised a total of £250.00 for ACWW.



Iris Graham, Crumlin WI

Well done to Iris Graham, whose sponsored walk was a solo effort along the shore – to ensure social distancing.



Drumbeg WI

 The Drumbeg ladies enjoyed on their socially distanced walk through the crisp autumn leaves in Lady Dixon Park.



Slievenaman WI

Despite rain and windy conditions, the Slievenaman ladies braved the elements for their sponsored walk along Murlough Bay, near Newcastle.



Doorstepping at Downpatrick WI!

Members of Downpatrick WI (Quoile Area) should have joined together to support ACWW’s Women Walk the World campaign on Saturday 17th October 2020.  Unfortunately, because of the mini ‘circuit breaker’ it was decided not to join forces, so instead I walked alone on Thursday 15th, the International Day of Rural Women, calling at the members’ doors!  I knew our ladies would support this endeavour – and in the ‘good old’ WI way they even had their new subscription fees at hand as well!  I hasten to add, all safety measures were adhered to, complete with face coverings.  (It sure cuts down on lipstick ladies!)

I must thank the members for their kind donations and so £280 goes towards the Federation’s contribution to Pennies for Friendship.

Thank you Downpatrick ladies!

Just to add, that my husband, Dougie and I finished the walk alongside the Quoile River and had a very enjoyable picnic along the way.

Do you recall the postcard that shows a variety of quaint Irish doors (I think they were designed for the American market)?  Well, here are a few of our members’ front doors.  The large one in the middle is the door of Down Cathedral and, as one of the ladies is the Dean’s secretary, I called at that door as well!

For those ladies who are new to the work of ACWW and who may not know about Pennies for Friendship, this is the general fund or enabling fund of the Associated Countrywomen of the World.  It ensures the smooth running of the main office in London by dedicated staff members.  It also means that ACWW can host Board and Committee meetings and, importantly, Pennies allows ACWW to “facilitate the network that connects women across the globe”.

Please visit the ACWW website and consider joining as an individual member.  Like our own Federation, we need to individually support other charities that have been struggling as a result of Covid-19.

Visit: http://www.acww.org.uk


As captain Tom reminded us, “Tomorrow will be a better day.”


Take care and stay safe everyone


Edwina Marr, President Downpatrick WI.

(Federation Vice-Chairman/ACWW Projects Chairman)

Some of the members who greeted me (at a safe social distance) on my ACWW walking adventure!


The doors I called at, including the door of Down Cathedral (centre).


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