Killinchy Women’s Institute – April news 2018

Posted April 13, 2018 by Quoile in Local Areas

Speakers for the evening were Ex. Member Edwina Marr and husband Dougie who went to the conference in Romania as part of the A.C.W.W. Project Team.

Slides of the trip where shown to members and a very informative talk by both was given.

Thanks were given by Jennifer along with a donation which Edwina suggested we give to A.C.W.W.

After supper Edwina read out all the A.C.W.W. Projects and donations to date also information on where all the donations for “Pennies for Friendship” where used.

Birthday girls for April, Margaret Brundle, Margaret McDowell, Andrea Barkley.

Competition winners for A fancy tea towel, Eileen Rooney, Eileen Reid


Area Spring meeting Wednesday 18th April 7,45pm – Killinchy hosting event, Speaker, Air Ambulance.




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